Elements of Soul Production Suite - 3 Month Payment Plan ($60)

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Affordable access to live instruments is a luxury most producers don’t have. That's why we created ELEMENTS of SOUL, a go-to library of professionally recorded live instruments to give your music an edge over today's robotic sounding beats.
  • Elevate your beats with real instrument sounds from Grammy-nominated producers, artists and choirs. 

  • 100% ORIGINAL samples, Royalty Free for Online Beat Selling, and Painless clearance for Major Placements

  • Easily drag, drop, and adjust elements to create an infinite amount of new vintage samples.

    What You Get:

    - 75 Authentic Soul loops with matching Bass Midi and Stems included at the end of each loop

    - 210+ Original, Non-Recycled Drums, 128 Drum Sounds, 68 Drum Breaks, and 25 Drum Fills

    - 600+ Live phrase recordings of real instruments, including keyboards, guitars, bass lines, strings, brass, organs, and more.

    - 420+ One-shot samples of various live instruments for creating vintage samples from scratch.

    - 270+ Vocal Riffs/Chops, 120+ Vocal Loops

    - 30 Analog Lab essential presets for crafting authentic vintage samples

    - 60 MIDI for diverse chord progressions / melodies

    - 20 RC-20 Presets & 11 Effect Rack Presets

    7+ Hour "The Art of Soul" Vintage sample / beat making course


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