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Affordable access to live instruments is a luxury most producers don’t have. That's why we created ELEMENTS of SOUL, a go-to library of professionally recorded live instruments to give your music an edge over today's robotic sounding beats.
  • Elevate your beats with real instrument sounds from Grammy-nominated producers, artists and choirs. 

  • 100% ORIGINAL samples, Royalty Free for Online Beat Selling, and Painless clearance for Major Placements

  • Easily drag, drop, and adjust elements to create an infinite amount of new vintage samples.

The #1 New Vintage Kit

What's inside:

Value: $150

The "Vinyl Crate" Loop Kit

Authentic and original vintage samples inspired by the sound of Kanye West, Drake, Jay Z, J Cole, and more! Royalty Free for Online Beat Selling, and Painless Clearance for Major Placements.

  • Hand-crafted loops that capture the soul essence.

  • 75 loops with matching Bass Midi and Stems included at the end of each loop

  • Created by Grammy-nominated vocalists, gospel choirs, and talented session musicians from across the globe.

Under The Sun
Lord I Need You

Trials & Tribulations
Glory to God

The Time Has Come

The Renaissance

Ain't Easy

Value: $90

"Retro Breaks" Drum Kit

Discover 210+ Original, Non-Recycled Drums, 128 Drum Sounds, 68 Drum Breaks, and 25 Drum Fills

  • Expertly crafted drum samples with a soul groove.

  • Drag and drop right into your beats.

  • Vintage sounding samples with modern clarity.

Tried & True



Way Too High

Value: $300

"Soul Elements" Phrase Kit

600+ Live recordings of real instruments, including keyboards, guitars, bass lines, strings, brass, organs, and more.

  • Easy-to-use, professionally recorded phrases.

  • Authentic recordings of classic instruments.

  • Creative freedom with over 600 phrases.

Violin Phrase

Organ Starter

Guitar Phrase

Brass Phrase

Value: $150

"Sounds of Soul" 

One Shot Kit

420+ One-shot samples of various live instruments for creating vintage samples from scratch.

  • Perfect for making vintage samples from scratch, even without expensive VST’s or session musicians.

  • 420+ One-Shots with all real instruments

  • 100% original and recorded by professional session musicians for an authentic vintage sound.

Guitar Bend

Organ One Shot

Trumpet Stabs

Bass One Shot

Value: $120

"Soul Cry" Vocal Kit

Vocal riffs, chops, and loops recorded by Grammy-nominated artists and gospel choirs.

  • Add depth and emotion with Grammy-Nominated vocals.

  • Versatile vocal loops that adds soulful flavor to bring life to your beats.

  • 270+ Vocal Riffs/Chops, 120+ Vocal Loops

Gospel Choir Loop

Female Vocals

Smooth Vocal Loop

Male Vocals

Infinite Possibilities for Cooking Up...

With Elements of Soul, you'll have all the tools you need to unleash your creativity and make music that truly stands out.

  • Combine all of our elements to make new and unique compositions that sound like nothing else on the market.

  • Easily drag and drop our loops, one shots, and MIDI files to quickly build beats and add ear candy to your productions.

  • No need to worry, with hassle free sample clearance.

Elements of Soul Walk-Through

Value: $40

"Retro Dreams" Analog Lab Bank

30 Analog Lab essential presets for crafting authentic vintage tones quickly featuring live rhodes, wurlitzer, organ, saxophone, guitar, clavinet, bass, strings, and more.

  • Achieve an authentic vintage sound with ease

  • Speed up your creative process with 35 go-to Analog Lab V presets

  • Enjoy flexibility with customizable presets.

Value: $40

"Keys of Soul" 


Chord progressions and top line melody MIDI files for instant soulful music creation.

  • 60 MIDI for diverse chord progressions / melodies

  • Perfect for those who want to skip clicking/playing in notes to get an idea going faster. 

  • Instantly inspire and spark soulful creativity

Value: $40

"Soul Sonics" Preset Banks

30+ presets for RC20 and Effect Rack plugins to achieve authentic, vintage sounds with minimal processing

  • Achieve vintage sounds with curated presets.

  • 20 RC-20 Presets & 11 Effect Rack Presets

  • Add depth, texture, and warmth to your beats and loops.


The Art of Soul Samples Course

Get ready to take your vintage sample game to the next level with the 7+ Hour "The Art of Soul" course. Taught by KXVI, this course shares his expert tips and secrets for crafting authentic, soulful vintage samples that have been used in major placements and earned him two Grammy nominations. 

Value: $300


Breaking down the mutliple elements you can combine to make the perfect samples.


What makes or breaks a soul sample is the way the instrumentation is used throughout it.


Learn all my cheat-codes for creating catchy chords and melodies to start my samples with.

In-Depth Breakdown

Pulling back the curtains like never before and showing every single sound, vsts, and structure!

Making a Sample Live

Watch my whole thought process as I cookup a vintage sounding sample in this 45 minute video.

Using Elements of Soul

See how you can utilize each element in Elements of Soul to perfectly craft soul samples with ease.

Get Elements of Soul Worth Over $1,130

For Only $167

  • $150 - "Vinyl Crate" Loop Kit

  • $90 - "Retro Breaks" Drum Kit

  • $300 - "Soul Elements" Phrase Kit

  • $150 - "Sounds of Soul" One Shot Kit

  • $120 - "Soul Cry" Vocal Kit

  • $40 - "Retro Dreams" Analog Lab Bank

  • $40 - "Keys of Soul" MIDI Kit

  • $40 - "Soul Sonics" Preset Banks

  • $300 - "Art of Soul" Vintage Loop/Beat Making Course

Total Value = $1,130

Special Offer = $167

Have a Question?


Is this kit Royalty Free?

All sounds and samples in this kit are royalty free under 1,000,000 streams or unless major placement.

How do I get the files?

After purchasing, you’re taken to a page where you can download the files, as well as you will receive an email with a link to download all the files. The link you receive in your email will never expire. If for whatever reason you run into any issues, you can contact us at

Whats your refund policy?

Since this is a digital product, it cannot be returned or refunded.

Does it work in any DAW?

Yes, the files within the kit are either audio files or MIDI files that can be opened in any DAW.