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Affordable access to vocalists and session musicians is a luxury most producers don’t have. That's why we created ELEMENTS of RNB, a go-to library of professionally recorded vocals, real instruments, and more to give your music emotion.
  • Easily drag, drop, and adjust over 3,400+ samples to create an infinite amount of new RnB Samples and Beats.

  • 100% ORIGINAL samples, Royalty Free for Online Beat Selling, and Painless clearance for Major Placements

  • Elevate your beats with real instrument sounds from Grammy-Winning Vocalists, Producers, and Musicans.

Value: $200

The "After Hours" Loop Kit

Want the ultimate late-night RnB feel? After Hours is your secret weapon. This kit takes inspiration from chart-topping artists like Drake, Tory Lanez, Bryson Tiller, Summer Walker, and more. Instantly giving you that smooth RnB sound.

  • With 230+ Original Samples: You'll never find yourself short of inspiration.

  • Grammy-Level Quality: Recorded by award-winning artists and session musicians to ensure your music stands out in the crowd.

  • Authenticity to the Core: Elevate your music with 100% original samples that bleed that soulful RnB feeling.

Dreams Of U

U Wanna

Don't Be Scared
Night and Day

Slow N Steady

Without Your Love

Value: $150

“Missed Calls” 

Vocal Kit

1,000+ Vocal riffs, loops, and chops recorded by Grammy-Winning artists and vocalists.

  • Grammy-Winning Singers: Bring the unmatched talent of Grammy-winning vocalists into your productions.

  • Instantly Level Up Your Beats: Drag and Drop vocal loops, riffs, and chops to give your beats 10x the feeling.

  • Endless Possibilities: 1,000+ vocal loops and riffs so you will never run out of soulful elements for your beats.  

Female Vocal Loop

Male Vocal Loop 1

Female Vocal Riff

Male Vocal Loop 2

Value: $300

“RnB Elements”  Starter Kit

Bring Soulful RnB vibes to your beats with over 700+ live instrument starters and phrases played by real session musicians. From silky smooth guitars and wavy Rhodes keys to groovy bass-lines, this kit is a gold mine for any producer.

  • 700+ live instrument recordings, each played by a professional session musician for that authentic sound. 

  • Effortless Production: Instant drag-and-drop functionality for phrases and starters, streamlining your creative process.

  • Transform Your Tracks: Add the polishing touch to your productions with unique and authentic RnB riffs.

Rhodes Starter

Guitar Phrase

Acoustic Piano Starter

Guitar Starter

Value: $85

“Sounds of RnB” One Shot Kit

Explore a curated collection of over 500+ one-shots created with live piano, guitar, and analog synthesizers. This kit is the secret weapon for creating vintage RnB samples from scratch without needing expensive VSTs.

  • Real Instrument Magic: No need for expensive VSTs, this kit brings the magic of real instruments directly to your computer.

  • Authentic Sounds: Real recordings of live instruments and analog synths that are guaranteed to give you a unique vintage sound.

  • Vintage Sounds: Original recordings by actual session musicians that will give your tracks an authentic ”sampled” vibe.

Emotional One Shots

Upright Piano One Shots

Synth One Shots

Guitar One Shots

Value: $80

“Late Nights” 

Drum Kit

Introducing the Late Nights Drum Kit, your ultimate arsenal for producing RnB beats that match the vibes of iconic artists like Drake, Lil Tjay, Bryson Tiller, PARTYNEXTDOOR, Tory Lanez, Meek Mill, and many more.

  • 120+ Industry-Standard Drums: Get that polished industry sound instantly with these hard-hitting RnB drum sounds.

  • 100+ Drag and drop percussion loops that instantly bring that authentic RnB bounce.

  • Crafted for RnB: Each sound in this kit is perfectly tailored to making RnB beats with a modern and clean sound.

Hard RnB Drums

Percussion Loop 1

Smooth RnB Drums

Percussion Loop 2
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Infinite Possibilities for Cooking Up...

With Elements of RnB, you'll have all the tools you need to unleash your creativity and make music that truly stands out.

  • Combine all of our elements to make new and unique compositions that sound like nothing else on the market.

  • Easily drag and drop our loops, one shots, and MIDI files to quickly build beats and add ear candy to your productions.

  • No need to worry, with hassle free sample clearance.

Elements of RnB Walk-Through

Value: $40

“Midnight Sounds” Analog Lab Bank

Transform your melodies and add instant nightlife vibes with Midnight Sounds. Elevate your tracks with wavy pads, smooth keys, and deep synth basses crafted by producers who have worked with Summer Walker, SZA, Lil Tjay, and more.

  • 60+ expertly-made presets designed by real Grammy Nominated producers.

  • Easy Sound Selection: No more scrolling for hours to find the right sound when you have these presets are your disposal. 

  • RnB Essentials: From classic soulful sounds to modern moody atmospheres, the full range of RnB vibes are available to you.

Value: $100

"RnB MIDI CheatCodes"

Create complex and impressive RnB chords and melodies with ease with RnB MIDI CheatCodes. It’s almost unfair how easy it is to cook up crazy chord progressions with only a few clicks of a button.

  • 200+ RnB MIDI progressions and 10 ‘Placement Approved’ Ripchord Banks in the style of artists like Drake & Summer Walker

  • Simplify Music Theory: Start making authentic RnB melodies instantly and stop being intimidated by complex music theory. 

  • Efficient Workflow: Easy drag-and-drop MIDI files so you can start cooking up right away.

Learn The Secrets Behind Creating Placement Ready RnB Samples In Less Than 3 Hours...

The 'Art of RnB' Sample + Theory Course

Get ready to take your RnB sample game to the next level with the "The Art of RnB" course. Taught by Grammy Nominated Producer KXVI and Mesio, this course shares his expert tips and secrets for crafting authentic, RnB, vintage samples that have been used in major placements!

Value: $300

How To Make 90's RnB Samples

Learn How to make your very own original 90's RnB "Sample" from scratch!

Go From Beginner to Pro on Piano

Unlock the secrets to building emotional and unforgettable chords in your beats.

Unlocking Endless Chords

Learn the simple cheat code to unlock endless chords and never be stuck without inspiration!

Piano Practice Routines

Dive into the 10-minute daily sessions and be amazed at your piano progress in just 30 days.

How To: Emotional RnB Samples

See how KXVI creates emotional RnB Samples in the style of Drake, Meek Mill, Lil Tjay, and more!

Lil Tjay Sample BreakDown

See how all of the knowledge is applied to a track that was placed with Lil Tjay!

Get Elements of RnB Worth Over $1,255


After Hours Loop Kit $200
Missed Calls Vocal Kit $150
RnB Elements Starter Kit $300
Sounds of RnB One Shot Kit $85
Late Nights Drum Kit $80
Midnight Sounds Analog Lab Bank $40
RnB MIDI CheatCodes $100
Art of RnB Samples Course $300

Total Value $1,255
Your Limited Time Offer $167

NEW: Payment Plans Now Added!

Have a Question?


With Payment Plans, do I get the full kit immediately?

Yes, upon purchasing the payment plan, you will get immediate access to the full kit and full course. You will NOT need to wait until all payments are complete to gain access.

Can I cancel my payment plan at anytime?

Yes, you are completely free to cancel your payment plan at any point and time.

Is this kit Royalty Free?

All sounds and samples in this kit are royalty free under 1,000,000 streams or unless major placement.

How do I get the files?

After purchasing, you’re taken to a page where you can download the files, as well as you will receive an email with a link to download all the files. The link you receive in your email will never expire. If for whatever reason you run into any issues, you can contact us at

Whats your refund policy?

Since this is a digital product, it cannot be returned or refunded.

Does it work in any DAW?

Yes, the files within the kit are either audio files or MIDI files that can be opened in any DAW.