The Ministash Pack

Unleash your unique creativity and elevate your sound with the most affordable kit.

Real Shoota

Let's Pray

Til the World Stops

Evil Within

Our kits are rated 5 stars by over 1,000 producers.


This kit is crazy for just $5.

Producer for Lil Baby, Future, Roddy Ricch.

Get an industry-ready pack for less than a cup of coffee. 

Our drums, MIDI's, and samples have been featured in Grammy Nominated tracks, giving you access to the same high-quality tools used by professionals.

Item #1

10 Loops

Value: $15

Cookup using these placement-ready loops to inspire you to make your next hit. 

Don't sweat it either, these loops do NOT contain any uncleared samples.

Better Without U

Stash House


Mistakes Freestyle

Flute Phrase #3

Violin Phrase #1

Flute Phrase #5

Violin Phrase #4

Item #2

15 Live Instrument Phrases

Value: $15

Use these live instrument phrases to add ear candy to enhance your overall beats. 

These elements may seem small, but it's the unique elements that make your beats stand out from the crowd.

Item #3

76 One Shots

Value: $30

One shots are a proven way to get you making fire beats without breaking the bank for expensive VST's. Use these unique sounds as a building block to create your own vibe.

Key - Warped Upright

Pad - Mystery Box

Run - One Time

Synth - Mask Up

Lord Above

My Soul

Pain Interlude

Wish I Had U

Item #4

7 Vocal Phrases

Value: $10

Vocal phrases are one of the best ways to make your production come to life

Not only will they help you make better beats, you can also find a variety of ways to use them with creating vocal chops.

Item #5

10 MIDI's

Value: $5

With the kit including 5 drum and 5 melody MIDI's, these provide you the best and quickest way to get out of beat block. 

With just being able to drag and drop, you can be get inspired in no time.

Calling My Name

Out My Mind

Item #6

4 Percussion Loops

Value: $5

Percussion loops allow you to add more sonically enhancing tones into the background of your beats/loops.

Although it may seem subtle, these percussion loops can really add that atmosphere that makes your beats stand out.

Item #7

Analog Lab Bank Presets

Value: $15

Analog Lab is one of my favorite VST's for creating sounds that can be used in today's production from RnB to Trap.

Loopstash Analog Lab Presets have been used in songs with Lil Tjay, Future, SZA, Vory, and More!

Item #8

$10 Loopstash Gift Card

Value: $10

After buying this kit, you will be sent a $10 Loopstash Gift Card.

So you will literally profit off of buying this kit.

Get All These Sounds to Make Better Beats for ONLY $5.

10 Samples


15 Instrument Phrases


76 One-Shots


7 Vocal Phrases


10 MIDI's


4 Perc Loops


15 Analog Lab Presets


$10 Loopstash Gift Card


Total Value = $105

Your Price = $5


Is this kit Royalty Free?

The usage of this kit is Royalty Free for Online Beat Selling/Leasing. 

And Royalty Free for Independent Releases up to 1,000,000 streams.

How is the kit sent to me?

After going through secure checkout on Shopify, the kit will be sent directly to your email immediately after purchasing.